Web development examples

Successfully creating websites requires proven expertise in executing online strategies. Often, the goal of a website is to drive more traffic, generate more business and convert this traffic into sales.

Online Strategy And Direction

Your team delivers outstanding results with the highest level of professionalism.

Victor Grosdanis - Director - My Home Automation


Our first step in the web development process is to work closely with you to understand your business. We will listen to you and learn from you how you believe the new website is going to work for both your organisation and your customers. Next we will work with you to identify your competitors, current marketplace and target markets. Utilising this information, we can design a website strategy to produce optimum results for your company. This integral step in the web development process is then integrated into each subsequent phase of the website design and development process.

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Information Architecture And System Scoping

Our web developers and system architects approach the website scoping process with a mountain of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t on the web. Information architecture is the art of modelling the structure of your content in your website to ensure it is easily accessible and intuitive for your users to find what they are looking for. The scoping phase also includes the process of uncovering features and functionality that your website will require. Our web developers have proven experience building many custom built websites including content management systems, ecommerce websites and web applications. We confidently take on any website project knowing that our scoping process and methodologies will ensure success.

Web Design Process

The web design process is a crucial step in developing a website. Upon commencing the website design process, our expert web developers and website designers work alongside each other in collaboration to ensure that once the website’s digital strategy, its systems and functionality have been scoped, that this information is translated into the web design correctly.

Knowing that the web designers are heading in the right direction, we then concentrate on the structural layout of the core content and components. No colours, fonts or graphics - just hand drawn boxes in place of the major components of your website. We then translate this into a simple boxed layout called a 'grey mock-up'. Once we get this right, then we make it look great!

The design of your home page is the personality of your site. All of your customers, employees and partners will first interact with your website from this webpage. During this phase we work closely with you to develop a home page which aligns with your target market and the values of your company

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Copywriting For Websites And Search Engines

A website that is looks great, is developed using the best technologies, and is marketed well will fail if the copywriting phase (copy on each page) is not completed professionally. Poorly written content does not convert users into enquiries and sales for your business

Our team will consult you on understanding the benefits and assist you in completing this phase of the web development process. Sitescene has skilled website copywriters who specialise in writing website content that engages users, communicates simple well constructed language and follows strict guidelines to ensure the copy is search engine optimised (SEO).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Integration

Most web developers have a flimsy grasp on search engine optimisation. SEO is the technique of ensuring your website is positioned high in search engine results for relevant keywords that will drive new customers to your website. SEO and website optimisation is part of our web development process and by completing the SEO when we build your website, we save you a considerable investment when you start an SEO campaign as this work is already complete!

Monitoring Your Website's Performance

In order to understand how your website is performing, how many new leads it is generating and how users are interacting with your website, it is essential that you have analytics software installed on the website. Part of our web development solution includes the setup and integration of Google Analytics into each page of your website.

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How Much Does It Cost?

A website is like a block of land. You can choose to build a bungalow or a multi million dollar mansion on your land. Because every web development project is different we don't provide general prices for our solutions. Please complete the form below and we will happily discuss your requirements and provide you with a no obligation quotation.

Questions to ask a web developer:

  • Do you understand business and marketing or are you just a technician?
  • Do you have plans to generate more enquiries from my website?
  • What experience have you regarding positioning websites high in search engines results?
  • Can you provide testimonials and a portfolio for proof of your claims?
  • Will I be able to update my website for free myself?
  • How will I be able to measure the performance and conversion rate of my website?
  • Do you have a dedicated and responsive customer service team?
  • How long have you been an established company and how many websites have you developed?

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The entire web development process, from the creative concept to launch was collaborative, with both Matt's and Sean being patient and helpful with changes and refinements. Overall my experience with Sitescene has been a positive and enjoyable one.

I look forward to working with the guys in future. I feel confident in recommending Sitescene to any sized business seeking to create a creative, cost effective and results driven website.

Trent Leyshan - Managing Director - BOOM Sales!