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Client Background

In our modern world, technology and extensive scientific research have helped us develop and further understand the importance of plant nutrition. These rapid advances in Nutrifield's field mean there are now even more acceptable horticultural and farming practices than ever before. Nutrifield® has heard the cry for help as they introduce their innovative range of hydroponic solutions.

Our Solution

Don't you just love the little butterfly on the homepage! Sitescene designed and built another award winning web site for Nutrifield. Producing a fresh, interactive, clean, corporate and effective design we utilised Flash to engage users, cutting edge front end XHTML and CSS to conquer the search engines and some clever Javascript just because we can.

We had a tough deadline to meet with this project and we stepped up and achieved the impossible. A powerful custom built, web based product and content management system with a few tweaks enabled the Nutrifield staff to meet the deadline and exceed their users expectations.

Technologies and Industries

Flash Animation, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Management Systems, Website Design, Web Development, Custom Built Web Based Applications, Agriculture & Horticulture