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Client Background

Australia's most unique and inspirational sales training and sales performance coach!

Through insight and collaboration, BOOM Sales! partner your organisation:

  • Reinvigorating sales culture to demonstrate a clear unique selling proposition and establish the foundations of a successful sales framework;
  • Inspiring sales leaders to lead through authentic and motivating behaviours, and equip them with structured tools and activities to ensure their leadership success;
  • Empowering sales people with Empathy Selling™ skills and behaviours critical to genuinely connecting with customers and converting more opportunities to sales.

In essence, our sales training and sales performance programs coach and develop your sales talent to fulfill their roles more effectively.

Your outcome is always inspirational leaders, empowered sales people, and greater sales success!

Our Solution

Boom Sales! approached Sitescene to create a fresh brand identity and sleek new website to help market their services. Sitescene produced a great looking and simple to use website design and user interface that brought BOOM Sales! to life. 

A simple but high quality static website was produced that the client simply loved. The front end of the website was built using the latest javascript technologies including Mootools and some interactive Flash elements throughout the website also help engage the BOOM users. Our Beacon™ Activator SEO package ensured that the website was indexed on Google and major search engines quickly provided BOOM Sales!with a measureable return on their investment in no time.

Technologies and Industries

Flash Animation, Website Design, Web Development, Corporate Branding, Sales & Marketing